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Household Video & Electronic Equipment

Set up the home theater system of your dreams. Park Avenue Audio in New York, New York, makes installation of electronics and video equipment easy and affordable. Your new system will be the envy of your friends and family.

Home Theater System

Home Theater Systems

Waiting in line for movie tickets is a pain. Skip the line and enjoy the luxuries of a trip to the movies in the comfort of your living room. Nights in with family and friends are a great way to bond and relieve stress, especially with a good movie on. Our variety of projectors, projector screens, and televisions, combined with exceptional speakers lets you watch television and movies your way. Set up your home theater exactly how you pictured with hanging and table-mounted projectors and screens, or wall-mounted and standing television sets starting at 20 inches and priced at $600.00. We have all of your favorites in-store including:

Ad Notam™ | Da-Lite Cinema Screens™ | Draper, Inc™ | Epson™ | LG™ | Panasonic™ | Runco International™ | Samsung™ | SIM2™ | Sony 4K™ | Stewart Filmscreen Corporation™ | SunBrite™

Electronic Equipment

All of your audio and video needs are available at Park Avenue Audio in one perfect package. Purchase your electronics and speakers together and have them installed for you by one of our skilled technicians. We offer custom-designed audio systems and expert staff members to explain exactly how the system works. Prices start at approximately $500.00. Find devices and brands of the highest quality, including:

AV Furniture | Amplifiers | Blu-Ray Players | CD Players | DVD Players | Turntables | Cables and Accessories | Pre-Amplifiers | Receivers

We carry the most well-known brands in the industry. Some them are included below:
Bell™ | Bryston™ | Canto™ | Classe™ | Integra™ | Marantz™ | Marantz Reference™ | McIntosh™ | Music Fidelity™ | NAD™ | Prima Luna™ | Rega™ | Rotell™ | Sony ES™ | Wadia Digital Products™

Control System

Working your setup is an absolute breeze with our universal remote. Control everything from window treatments, televisions, loudspeakers, alarms, and more with the touch of a button. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find the right remote for the right device, and when our team designs your control system, you'll never have to guess again.