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Name-Brand Speakers & Headphones
Park Avenue Audio in New York, New York, is your one-stop shop for the best audio equipment on the market. Bring the exciting sound and energy of a live show into your own home with premier loudspeakers and exceptional headphones. We also offer electronics and installation packages for your convenience and enjoyment.

Standing Speakers

Speakers for Every Space

Transform any room with top-quality sound and industry-level devices. We stock a variety of loudspeakers to fit every space including:

On-Wall Speakers | In-Wall Speakers | Outdoor Speakers | Standing Speakers | Sound Bars | Subwoofers

Hear the Difference

Whether it's your morning bus ride or your afternoon at the office, we understand you like your privacy when it comes to your music. Listen to whatever you want, wherever you want, with noise-cancelling headphones. The right pair of headphones blocks outside noise, which helps keep the volume at a safe level for your ears. Whatever your preference, we've got you covered with in-ear, over-the-ear, and on-ear options. Prices range from $79.00 to $3,000.

Brands You Know & Trust

Your regular electronics retailer stocks equipment that's cheap and convenient for average consumers. Invest in the brands recommended by professionals to get the most for your money. We carry national and global names that you won't find just anywhere, including:

Artison™ | Audeze™ | Bang & Olufsen™ | Bowers & Wilkins™ | DALI™ | Definitive Technology™ | Gallo Acoustics™ | GoldenEar™ | Grado Labs™ | JBL™ | JL Audio™ | James Loudspeaker™ | KEF™ |  Klipsch™ | Leon Speakers™ | McIntosh Laboratory™ | Monitor Audio™ | NAD™ | PSB™ | REL Acoustics Ltd™ |  Rega™ | Sennheiser™ | Sonance™ | Sonus Faber™ | Sunfire™ | Velodyne™