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Download our E-Brochure and ask for a consultationSelecting the right Audio Video Integrator for your home or business is a challenge. Making the right choice to choose Park Avenue Audio will stay with you long after the installation is complete, with an audio/video, entertainment or control system, as a lifestyle…simplified.

Success is guaranteed working together early in the process with your architect, designers and Park Avenue Audio having many years of experience choosing the best components for your budget, installing them correctly, and tuning them to your room’s unique acoustics.

Park Avenue Audio provides the professional expertise you need to save time and money on your next design project. We’ll provide the CAD drawings to document all the systems design work. We’ll coordinate the technology design with the electrical and mechanical designs. We’ll save you valuable time to match project variances in the following areas:

• Technical and Coordination Drawings
• Field survey to minimize latent factors
• Determining design space requirements
• Collecting equipment specifications
• Determining electrical requirements

Wherever you are on your project timeline, Park Avenue Audio is ready. The best time to call is in the early stages, when all options are open , vital for multi-trade coordination. When starting after project planning or redesigning existing spaces, our professionals are ready to offer consultations as needed.

Planning and Design This is the ideal time to begin working with us. If you don’t have blueprints yet, we can offer you ideas. If you have your blueprints, we can plan the perfect system for any part of your home. We will design a home making individual electronic components flow together to create and integrate the electronics systems so they work as one whole home automated solution.

Beginning Construction This is still an excellent time to begin working with us. Don’t wait too long, though. It’s best when we can begin work right after the electricians, so we’d like to complete our planning with you before that stage. That keeps all your options open, and ensures that we can accomplish all your home entertainment objectives.

Pre-Wire Phase This is the time for us to begin our installation roughing work “before” the drywall goes up, moving quickly so you’ll have as many options as possible.

Construction Phase By this phase there are some limits on what we can do, but we can still work with existing rooms. Stud placements are fixed, and it is harder to run certain wires. It is still better to involve us here than at a later stage, since it is easier to patch drywall when cuts are required. Our select artisans are available to blend technology with lifestyle.

Post-Construction Now come the time for toning; testing signal quality for the entire home, meticulously testing compartmentalizing equipment integrity testing, and software downloading to your system. Park Avenue Audio finalizes centralizing the design, ordering, installation, integration, and quality control of all your project’s technologies:

• Audio and Video
• Computer Networks
• Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
• TV Mirrors
• Audiophile Reproduction
• Phone Systems
• Whole-house Music Systems
• HVAC Monitoring
• Motorized TV Lifts
• Intercom Systems
• Home Theater Systems
• Designer Series Audio and Video
• Shades & Lighting

We Save You Time and Money!

 Call Park Avenue Audio during the early planning phase of your new project.

We’ll design a custom system concept that fits the homeowner’s lifestyle.
We’ll select the technology and systems that will create exactly what you and the homeowner envision.
We’ll work closely with you, the builder, the interior designer, and the homeowner to bring everyone’s vision together.
We’ll save everyone on the job time and money.

Call for our initial consultation. We’re happy to meet at your office or the job site; wherever it’s convenient for you. Give us a call today, and let us show you how we can create a audiophile’s automated home your client will love to live in.