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A Message From our President & CEO

Welcome to Park Avenue Audio's newly constructed Audio and Video Lifestyle Center

At Park Avenue Audio, we believe people need music in their lives and we understand just how important it is to you. Music has the power to entertain you, elevate your mood, help you connect and understand. It helps define who you are, where you have been, and where you are headed in life. Music affects us all at our deepest emotional levels. But it takes a “real” system to breathe life into your music.

Today, stunning high-definition images can enhance your musical experiences for a powerful multimedia force that can bridge cultures, languages, and time barriers. Park Avenue Audio sells high-performance systems to bring this powerful force to life. We leverage authentic, top-of-the-line products, combine them with years of technical expertise and design, and install every piece at a quality level consistent with our passionate pursuit of perfection. We believe, and promise, you can’t buy it better anywhere else!

The Park Avenue Audio Approach

As an advantage, we can help you harness all today’s newest technologies in an easy to use “Integrated Smart Home” that will enhance your lifestyle, increase your safety, and entertain you and your family. Putting all control at your fingertips. Giving you more time to spend enjoying life and less time worrying about the details. We believe that’s important to you.

We Recognize Your Trust

Finally, we also believe in people. We have many long-term employees that are passionate about what we do – passionate about our music and movies, about our work ethic, about our vision. We recognize the trust and faith our clients have invested in our company, and we act on their best interest always.Please come visit newly constructed world class Retail Experience Center and bring your favorite friends with you to audition your cherished music in our showrooms. Let us demonstrate a luxury worth having that will substantially enhance your lifestyle. We thank you for your support for almost 50 years!I am interested in your comments and questions.

Please email me directly at dennisy@parkavenueaudio.comDennis Yetikyel
Park Avenue Audio