Micro-dynamic expressiveness, and through these characteristics an ability to bring out the emotional connection with music.


Sensitivity: 89 dB / watt / m

Nom. impedance: 6 ohms


Standard Version

  • Twin 13″ long throw bass drivers with ultra hard injection moulded diaphragm in sealed enclosure, driven by 2 x 350 W Class D amplifier module with programmable DSP and 4 user-selectable presets for optimal integration in any listening room.
  • 6″ custom-made woodcone bass-midrange driver, 1st order low pass filter, no high pass filter, ash tree phase plug, magnet structure force fit mounted to the whole wooden mass of enclosure.
  • 3″ custom-made widebander, 1st order high pass filter, unique electromechanical parallel resonator installed.
  • Internal wiring orientation-optimised silk-wrapped high-frequency stranded litz.
  • WBT NextGen binding posts.
  • Rear ambient tweeter.


SE Version

  • Added electromechanical parallel resonator to bass-midrange.
  • Added Bybee Quantum Purifiers.
  • Added proprietary phase linearization network.
  • Added Duelund Silver Foil 0.01 uF bypass capacitor
  • Swing Base included


SE+ Version

  • Added electromechanical series gold-plated stage II resonators to widebander and bass-midrange driver, all parallel resonators of STAGE III coil-wound type.
  • Added Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature.
  • Added Harmonix Tuning Bases to widebander.
  • Duelund main capacitor for widebander, added Duelund Silver Foil 0.01 uF bypass capacitors.
  • Added Mundorf MCap Supreme to rear tweeter
  • Swing Base included



Choose from walnut, ash tree and cherry. Oak upon request.



105 x 18 x 39 cm, weight approx. 40 kg per piece (depending on version and wood).

For more information  visit the manufacturer's website by following the link here - Boenicke W13