Stella Utopia EM


The results can be heard immediately: the sound is even clearer and even more natural. Finally, for the bass register, the acoustic wadding lining we included inside the enclosure has been thickened for even tighter bass with more control and increased precision.


61/2"(16.5cm) 'W' Power Flower midrange drivers

3rd generation W composite sandwich technology, laser
Power Flower motor with NIC magnet
TMD suspension

13" (33cm) "W" Electro-Magnet EM

Dxtremely powerful Electro-Magnetic EM technology
3rd generation 'W' composite sandwich technology, laser
20 to 220Hz 'bandwidth' use

IAL2 pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter

Very large bandwidth from 1 to 40kHz
IAL2 (Infinite Acoustic Loading): low resonance frequency
at 580Hz
Definition, rapidity and transparency of the midrange/treble

Gamma Structure

MDF panels up to 2" (5cm) for a stable mechanical
Anti-vibration heavy structure, optimized by vibratory

High section laminar port

No air flow or distortion noises
No dynamic compression of the bass

Focus Time

Mechanical phase optimization of the drivers
Driver orientation towards the listener

MRR cabinet

Reinforcement of front baffle rigidity

OPC+ filtering

Extreme bass to the extreme treble integral adjustments
243 possible adjustment combinations
Audiophile type components
WBT connectors, bi-amplification possible

For more information  visit the manufacturer's website by following the link here - Focal Stella Utopia EM