Merging your Lifestyle with Smart Technology

"While there are many smart products available today, it isn't until these devices work together in harmony, that you experience the magic of a smart home.

From homes small to large, new and old, Control4 delivers power and performance in one system that coordinates the technology in your house into complete, brilliant experiences—interactions that fit your lifestyle and are easy for your family to enjoy. With one touch, dim the lights, stream high-resolution music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system. Check in on cameras or see who’s ringing the doorbell—from wherever you are. It’s a smarter living experience that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without."                                                                                                                                             - Source: Control 4                                                                


Amazon Alexa the virtual assistant is able to be integrated into any one of our systems allowing for more features. Alexa is able to turn on the TV, dim the lights, and play what you want to watch, and much more all possible through our customized solution.

If you're living in a Control4 Smart Home, get connected like never before. With a yearly 4Sight subscription, you’ll get the most out of your smart home with added hands-on personalization, voice control, and mobile access.

The Control4 SR-260 and SR-260-I remotes are the perfect hand-held interfaces to the whole home. These beautiful remotes feel good in the hand, have an intuitive button layout perfect for one-handed operation, and are highly customizable.